Sanboarding Erg Chegaga with Desert Bivouac!

Ride the highest sand dunes of Morocco!

Sandboarding on the highest sand dunes in Morocco, Erg Chegaga. We provide all your need for this experience you never will forget. Book Now!

Start your Quad and ride with Desert Bivouac!

Quad riding in Morocco with Desert Bivouac!

Quad Ride Morocco desert: we pick you up in the morning at your hotel/camp and transfer you to designated areas for quads drive such as the Palm grove or Erg Lihoudi desert near Mhamid, or the Erg Chegaga dunes.

Experience a traditional nomadic life
In the Sahara desert, South of Morocco

2 days / 1 night

A perfect two day trip to the desert from Marrakech, Ouarzazate or Mhamid. Experience traditional nomadic life. This tour starts from Mhamid, the “Gate of the desert”

Excursion: 3 days, 2 nights,
starting from M’hamid

Experience the Sahara in Morocco

This short trekking tour fits perfectly in your vacation when you are staying in Marrakech, Ouarzazate or Mhamid. Discover the Sahara desert with Desert Bivouac. You will be visiting our two Bivouacs, El Mezouaria and Chegaga.

One overnight stay
At Bivouac El Mezouaria
Desert Bivouac Desert Stay






One overnight stay
Visiting the south of Morocco: Marrakech, Ouarzazate or M’hamid and stay a night in the desert? Are you searching for a night in the desert? Stay a night in one of our traditional tents

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Discover the Sahara desert, Morocco

With Desert Bivouac Nomad Tours Morocco

Starting from Marrakech, Oarzazate, Agadir or Mhamid.

The story behind Desert Bivouac: As the son of a caravan leader, Ismail Sbai grew up in M’Hamid El Ghizlane, a small village community on the edge of the Sahara desert that stretches for ever. As the inhabitants of M’Hamid are all descendants of Nomads, together they possess invaluable knowledge of the desert and the dunes.

In 1999 Ismail Sbai decided to set up his own travel agency, not only to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of south-west Morocco, but also fueled by his desire to follow in the footsteps of his family, who led long salt caravans through the Sahara desert. Desert Bivouac had arrived. Two luxurious Bivouacs in the desert, M’hamid – Bivouac El Mezouaria and Bivouac Chegaga.

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Visit the legendary desert!

With Desert Bivouac

Try something really different

Word of mouth recommendations ensure numerous adventurous tourists come here, all fascinated and won over by the immense Sahara desert areas extending beyond M’Hamid El Ghizlane.

With respect for nature

If you are keen to make new discoveries with respect for the nature, and learn more about Nomadic people, at Desert Bivouac Morocco, and in our desert camp you can count on a warm welcome as individual, family or as part of a group.

Beautiful Places

Majestic palm tree groves in the ochre-tinted earth, with sand everywhere, starting point for your 4×4 tour, Camel ride, or excursion in the desert – that is what awaits you at M’Hamid.

The Bivouacs of Desert Bivouac Nomad Tours Morocco

Desert Bivouac Sahara and Nomad tours south Morocco. Visit our desert camps near Mhamid El Ghizlane, they are well organized, and will fulfill all your expectations regarding comfort and safety. Adventurous travel in Morocco, enjoy the immense nature of the desert, the Nomad culture or traveling through the Sahara with Desert Bivouac.

Desert Camp Camp el Mezouaria, Desert Bivouac Sahara Tours Morocco

Point GPS Bivouac Mhamid : N29°51 399 W 5°45 191


Photo Desert Bivouac

Desert Bivouac Chegaga Dunes, Desert Bivouac Sahara Tours Morocco

Point GPS Bivouac Chegaga : N29°49 692 w 006°11 969


Photo Desert Bivouac