Video’s Desert Bivouac South Morocco, M’hamid

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Point GPS Bivouac Mhamid : N29°51 399 W 5°45 191

Bivouac El Mezouaria

Only 7 km from the village of M’Hamid El Ghizlane, is the Bivouac M’Hamid. This comfortable desert camp with more than 20 tents, outdoor showers and toilets, will fulfill all your expectations regarding comfort and safety.

You will taste delicious Moroccan cuisine, prepared on site with pure bio-organic ingredients. Whether you sleep beneath the starry sky or in a tent, the nights will be the stuff of dreams.

So don’t delay any longer…

One overnight stay in Camp El Mezouaria, 7 km from
the village of M’Hamid.

Photo Desert Bivouac

Point GPS Bivouac Chegaga : N29°49.692 w 6°11.969

Bivouac Chegaga

Bivouac Chegaga The Bivouac Chegaga is situated 60 km from M’Hamid El Ghizlane. It takes 3 days on foot or by camel to reach the Bivouac or otherwise 2 hours in a 4×4. The desert camp lies at the foot of the Chegaga dunes, which at an altitude of 300 meters, are the most extensive dunes in Morocco.

There are 10 tents which the Nomads have made from goat or camel hides and a wool mixture, supported by a wooden frame. Every tent can accommodate 2 to 4 people and provides maximum comfort. Thick rugs are laid on the ground with beds and matrasses. Sheets and blankets are provided. There are 4 toilets and 4 showers with hot water thanks to the solar panels which provide 220 V to charge the batteries for equipment and lighting.

Opportunity to try sand-boarding!!!

Overnight stay at Bivouac Chegaga, 60 km from M’Hamid

Photo Desert Bivouac

Point GPS Bivouac Chegaga : N29°49.681 w 006°11.958

Chegaga Luxury Camp

Chegaga Luxury Camp is situated right next to Bivouac Chegaga. The camp is brand new and offer travelers an opportunity to experience the majestic Sahara Desert in comfort and style. Here’s what people typically expect from such accommodations:

  • Spacious Nomad Buildings: Our camp provide spacious and well-appointed Nomad style buildings equipped with comfortable bedding, plush linens, and traditional Moroccan decor.
  • Private Facilities: En-suite bathrooms with modern amenities such as hot showers, flush toilets, and sinks are common in Chegaga Luxury Camp, offering privacy and convenience.

Chegaga Luxury Desert Camp offers a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere, with a limited number of tents ensuring a serene and peaceful environment.

Overnight stay at Chegaga Luxury Camp, 60 km from M’Hamid

Photo Desert Bivouac